Steel machining and what it means to you

19th September 2017

You may have heard that we recently expanded our steel processing capabilities to include steel machining, but what does that actually consist of and how does our new machining shop benefit our customers?

Machining can mean quite a lot of things, but generally speaking, machining produces semi-finished or finished parts/products from profiled or cut to length, from our own cutting and profiling departments.

Machining processes consist of milling, drilling, chamfering, notching, tapping and more. This is done by highly skilled machinists using specialised machines and tools – often computer guided for increased accuracy.

The ability to produce semi-finished or finished parts and products helps our customers by providing a one stop shop for all their steel requirements.

By offering both cutting and machining services, Pulman Steel can deliver on an even more extensive range of steel processing needs, all under one roof. By allowing our customers to source a wider range of steel requirements from one supplier, the entire process of procuring steel products, materials and parts becomes as easy as buying milk, bread and frozen peas… and just like most supermarkets these days, we deliver!

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