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February Update

Its been three weeks since our last update and we have lots to tell.

Our exciting “big” news is that we now have two new saws wired up, in position and working. The new Esprit plasma machine, which also has a gas head, means we can once again offer a full range of both profiled and sawn to size products. Two more saws will be delivered this week so our processing capacities are increasing all the time.

In addition, our new ESAB profiling machine is in the process of being installed and is awaiting its bed! This is fabulous news as we have not seen this level of action since Christmas!

The warehouse, stockyard and plate store are filling up day by day, with wagon loads of new stock continually arriving.

We have come a long way since Boxing Day, achieved wholly due to our amazing customers, suppliers and the fabulous team at Pulman Steel.

Progress has not just been made for the guys who operate the machines. The team in the profile office who organise the processing schedules, now have plastered walls and will soon be moving into their new office.

That’s our update for now, short but sweet… we actually have work that we can be getting on with now without the need for mops!

Keep checking your email as we will update you as and when we have further news.

29th February 2016

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