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Going Green

There is no doubt that moving to a greener, environmentally friendly way of life should be an ambition that all of us should strive for, and many of us are exploring ways in which our carbon footprint can be reduced. During the last few years, Pulman's has been investing in electric cars to replace our fleet of diesel and petrol cars as a part of our journey toward a more sustainable future.

In addition to our electric vehicle fleet, we have also installed three ICS 7kw chargers in order to facilitate the charging of our electrical vehicles. One of the biggest advantages that make ICS car chargers so attractive is their ability to be both energy efficient as well as cost-effective. Our car chargers are capable of charging a car in as little as eight hours, depending on the model. In addition, ICS EV car chargers are designed to be more efficient and effective than other types of chargers, meaning that they use less energy and cost less to operate than other types of chargers.

At the time of writing this article, we have used 458 Kilowatt hours of electricity to charge our fleet of cars in the last 30 days, which is less than the cost of one full tank of diesel to cover our fleet's needs for 30 days.

It was also possible for us to fabricate a homemade stencil that was cut by our plasma cutting machine, which was profiled right here in our workshop, in order to mark out the designated charging points located in our car park.

1st April 2023

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