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Interesting start to the year

It has been an interesting first week back at Pulman Steel.

The beginning of the week was dedicated to contacting customers to explain the situation and discuss both existing and future orders.The response we received was amazing, messages of goodwill and an assurance that as soon as we can deliver, our customers will be placing orders.

To brighten our spirits we received a great gift in the post from one of our customers… an all new Health and Safety Policy. Huge thanks to them as each and every one of the Pulmans’ team has had a chuckle as they walked past.

The rest of the week was dedicated to finding staff somewhere to work, which was not an easy task considering we needed to fit 17 people into a space that used to be home to 3! In addition we only had 3 computers online.

The team in the works spent the week assessing the flood damage to our stock and deciding what is suitable to discount and sell on, at a clearance sale we are planning. In addition the works requires a lot more cleaning ready for our new machinery to be delivered.

Tea and biscuits have been consumed in large quantities and we have realised that the age-old adage that a cup of tea solves everything is true. We have ended the week feeling positive and raring to start next week.

8th January 2016

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