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Pulmans - An Old Dog With Some New Tricks

As you are probably aware, Pulman Steel has been operating in the Yorkshire steel market since 1830, so we are by no means new to the steel supply trade. As our business relies on providing the best possible service to our customers, we are continually improving the services we provide, and have therefore been through a few changes over the years.

Along with greatly expanding our delivery radius to include Lancashire, Greater Manchester and further afield, and also making some major changes to our product offerings (as you may have read in our “Old News from Pulmans” news story last month), our in-house capabilities have advanced leaps and bounds over the last 187 years.

Providing our customers with the quality of service that has come to be expected from Pulman Steel means we have to stay on top of the latest, cutting-edge technology, and we have done exactly that!

Our High Definition Plasma Profiling service uses the latest computer controlled plasma profiling machines for steel profiles up to 40mm thick, and one of our ESAB 4 head oxy-propane machines can handle thicknesses of up to 180mm.

To tackle our customers’ sawing needs for bespoke length steel products, we have six ultra-precise programmable saws with a range of different capabilities to suit different steel products and bespoke requirements, such as in-line deburring. Not only are these machines capable of cutting accurately, they are also capable of cutting large orders quickly – ensuring our clients can get the goods they need when they need them.

For more intricate requirements, we have a highly capable machining centre. Our machining service is incredibly versatile and aims to provide our customers with semi-finished or finished goods, saving a lot of time (and a few headaches!) Our machining services include but are not limited to drilling, tapping, counter-sinking, notching, machining and milling. If you have specific steel machining requirements, feel free to give us a call and get a quote.

Regardless of what service you come to Pulmans for, you can be sure that you’re getting high quality steel with state-of-the-art bespoke processing.

15th November 2017

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