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Serving a range of end uses

Here at Pulman Steel we are delighted that our customer base is diverse, and our steel is used in some pretty impressive end uses.

Although only serving the North of England, the area is known as a powerhouse for manufacturing, construction, transport and much more.

A large amount of steel is used within the construction industry where steel is a great product to build sustainable structures quickly. But any industry that has steel as a key element in its products or processes needs the services, reliability and expertise of a supplier who can support their diverse needs quickly and efficiently, and that is us here at Pulman Steel.

Supplying to the transport and infrastructure sector is also something we do on a weekly basis. Steel provides properties such as elasticity, strength and ductility, properties necessary for use in bridges, road side reinforcement and tunnels.

These properties of steel are also beneficial to many other industries including the energy generating sector where its use is essential for quarrying, resource extraction, electricity pylons and wind turbines.

There are not many alternatives to steel that are as cost effective whilst providing strength, flexibility and long product lifecycles. Steel plays an invaluable role in nearly every aspect of day to day life and will continue to do so long into the future.

29th April 2019

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