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We Can Process Up To 30 Tonnes Of Bespoke Steel Orders Each Day!

We all know that steel is renowned for its incredible strength, but while this is great when it comes to finished products, it can make fabricating steel goods quite difficult. The only real effective way to cut steel is with specialised tools, so it will certainly make your steel construction project a lot easier if it’s accurately sawn or profiled to your specifications before you receive it.If you’re familiar with our work at Pulmans, then you’ll know that we're known for being dependable and consistent when it comes to sawing and profiling steel to order.

Our sawing and profiling machines are not only exceptionally accurate, but they also have the capacity to process enough steel to meet the demands of almost any project our customers embark on.

Regardless of our impressive processing capacity, however, our team at Pulman Steel are always just as happy to meet the needs of customers with smaller steel projects, while offering the same great service our customers have come to expect from us.

If you're wondering just how much steel we're talking, our facilities now have the capacity to process up to 30 tonnes of bespoke cut steel each day on our sawing and profiling machines. That means with the combined strength of our state-of-the-art sawing and profiling equipment and our team of highly trained operators, we are always fully equipped and ready to process both large and small orders of bespoke cut steel to exact customer specifications.

When you put together our bespoke steel processing with our off-the-shelf steel, there’s a total of 12,000 tonnes (and counting) that gets shipped out to our customers every year. No matter which way you look at it, that's a lot of metal!

4th July 2017

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