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Week 5 – Both sales and the works see further progress

Yet again it is all good news this week. The dryers have now left the sales office and the contractors are in rewiring, fixing any damage and getting the heating system back in use.

The last of the bulk water damaged stock has now been removed, just one or two packs of sheet and plate and some bright stock is left at bargain prices. New stock is arriving everyday and more and more of our customers are coming to us with their stock enquiries, which is absolutely amazing and puts a smile on the sales team faces.

In the works the first profile machine is in-situ and being commissioned, only the electrics and extraction need connecting. This means we may be processing at the end of next week.

In the warehouse the saws have been removed, four new saws are on order and will be with us shortly, and remedial work to repair the floor is underway.

With all this action, the car park is full of different contractors all doing their bit to get us back on track.

Keep checking your email as we will update you as and when we have further updates.

7th February 2016

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