Spend a day with Steve...

17th April 2019

Steve Makinson is our Sales Manager. Steve has been a part of the Pulman Steel team for 19 years.

His job is extremely varied, and he loves to talk about steel as much as he can. He is a big fan of his sales team being pro-active and loves the sound of a busy office.

Steve is an avid fan of music and theatre, a keen golfer trying to get back to single figures, and a huge Leeds United supporter having been a season ticket holder for longer than he can remember.

Spend a day with Steve....

6.30am - The alarm goes and I dive out of bed, a quick shower and on the road to the office at 7.15am.

8.00am - At my desk and raring to go, with a quick pot of fruit and yoghurt for breakfast. I have a brief scan through all of my emails, and make sure that all our wagons are loaded and ready deliver our steel to the large number of customers who are eagerly awaiting delivery. Some mornings I have to liaise with the customer services department to arrange a last minute delivery to help out a customer in need.

8.30am - I update the daily sales figures on our office whiteboard so everyone know how the month is progressing, and check the delivery status of the fittings and machining work we have to process.

9.00am - The sales team are at their desks and the phones have started ringing with customers enquiring for prices and placing orders. Emails are also coming in thick and fast so it looks like it is going to be another busy day in Pulmansland.

10.00am - It’s always good to communicate with Clive and Nathan to ensure that the profile and sawing departments are running smoothly so customers always get their supplies when needed. There are always lots of orders to process and we might need to juggle things around to make sure we get everything ready for our customers when they need it, but they are on top of things so no need to panic – just yet!!

11.00am - I have been pro-active this morning and spoken to various customers about their machining requirements. This has proved a positive move as I win an order to profile, drill and countersink several parts that they used to machine in-house – success!!

12.30pm - Time to snatch a bit of lunch and go for a walk along the canal so I am fresh and ready for the afternoon’s challenges – and I have to get my steps in for the day of-course.          

2.00pm - I have been back from lunch for a while now so I check the days sales figures and so far so good. I know it will get busier as the afternoon progresses, and our customers love that we are open until 5.15pm to take orders for stock for a next day delivery.

3.30pm - This afternoon one of the team won a large beam order from a new customer which included the use of our new on wagon crane offloading facility. The crane really helps our responsibility to our drivers and our customer’s safety when they are off loading heavy beams.

4.30pm - This is the time to check that all our orders are on screen and being picked, packed and made ready to be loaded for delivery tomorrow, we want to keep all our customers happy and impressed with our service.

5.15pm - The days sales are finished so I scan through my diary ensuring everything needed to be done is ticked off and I have a clean start in the morning.

5.30pm - Final checks with the transport department and credit control, then lock up and head off home, another very busy day at Pulmans under my belt.

The evening could be singing rehearsal (did you guess this would be one of his hobbies), golf, or football!

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