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Situated in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, we are perfectly located to service our sales area of Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Greater Manchester with ease, and can also deliver steel to other parts of the North of England if required. Using our own dedicated transport fleet consisting of 15 customised vehicles of various sizes and payloads, we have ensured we have the flexibility to deliver promptly all the steel products we supply, either in stock sizes, or processed to each customer’s specific requirements, on time and just when you need it. 

Our highly skilled and helpful team of drivers clock up thousands of miles a week to deliver any size and quantity of our steel products quickly to our customers, and the comprehensive stockholding levels we maintain means we can normally deliver any stock items you require on the next working day.

If you do prefer to collect your own orders, then this can also be arranged during our normal opening hours.

We currently have a wide fleet of vehicles, each chosen to accomplish a specific job:

2 x Iveco Daily 5.2T GVW. Payload 2000kg, 8.5m max length.

1 x DAF LF 7.5T GVW. Payload 2500kg, 7.5m max length.

2 x DAF LF 10T GVW. Payload 4000kg, 12.2m max length.

2 x DAF LF 12T GVW. Payload 6000kg, 12.2m max length.

1 x Iveco Eurocargo 14T GVW. Payload 7000kg, 14m max length.

2 x DAF LF 15T GVW. Payload 8000kg, 14m max length.

1 x DAF LF 16T GVW. Payload 7000kg, 14m max length, HIAB crane.

2 x Volvo FL 250 18T GVW. Payload 9800kg, 15m max length.

1 x DAF LF 18T GVW. Payload 10000kg, 15m max length.

1x Volvo FE 320 26T GVW. Payload 16000kg, 15m max length.

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