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Machining Services

A versatile range of machining services can be performed on-site using our vertical machining centre. Profiles cut with our oxy-propane or high definition plasma profiling machines can be further processed through drilling, tapping, counter-sinking, notching, machining and milling.

Our full range of machining capabilities can also be performed on sawn lengths of our flat bar, angles, channels, beams, hollow section and more - allowing customers to order fully-processed steel products and minimise on-site labour.

Call our specialist steel processing team on 01422 833993 for further information on our machining capabilities.

DAH LIH Vertical Machining Centre

A highly versatile 24-tool machining centre with a bed size of 1250mm x 660mm. The DAH LIH vertical machining centre is capable of drilling, tapping, counter-sinking, machining and milling profiles and sawn lengths that fall within the working surface dimensions

Machining Technologies and Processes

Precision CNC Machining

CNC machining stands at the forefront of our technological offerings, providing unparalleled accuracy and repeatability for your projects.


Advanced Plasma Machining Processes

Our plasma machining process is tailored for high efficiency and precision, perfect for complex shapes and high-volume orders.

Comprehensive Steel Processing

At Abram Pulman & Sons Ltd, our machining services extend beyond the vertical centres. Our comprehensive processing capabilities include the handling of various steel forms such as flat bar, angles, channels, beams, and hollow sections. We offer customisations that allow customers to order fully-processed steel products.

Drilling and Milling Precision

Our machining drill services are performed with precision and care, providing custom holes and features. The milling capabilities ensure your materials are shaped and sized exactly to specifications with high-quality finishes.

Our services span from first cut machining, ensuring your project begins with precise foundational cuts, to final shape machining, where the intricacies of your design come to life. Our team is ready to guide you through the selection of machining services that will best suit your needs. From plasma machining to CNC precision, we are here to assist.

No matter the complexity of your project, our array of machining services is equipped to handle it. Reach out to us to learn how we can turn your concepts into reality with our advanced machining technology. Call our specialist steel processing team on 01422 833993 for further information.

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