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Steel Profiling

Gas and plasma steel profiling are two methods of cutting steel to a specific shape. Gas cutting uses a stream of oxy propane for cutting the steel, while plasma cutting uses a high-temperature plasma arc to do the same.

Gas cutting is a relatively slow process, but it is the most economical method of profiling steel. It is often used for cutting thick steel or for cutting shapes that do not require a high degree of precision.

Plasma cutting is faster and can be a more precise method of profiling steel than gas cutting. It is often used for cutting thin steel or for cutting complex shapes.

The type of method used for steel profiling will depend on the desired shape and the thickness of the steel.

Advantages of Steel Profiling With Gas vs. Plasma Cutting


Advantages of gas cutting:

  • It can be more economical using multi-head cutting when appropriate
  • It can be used to cut thick steel
  • As precise as plasma cutting



Advantages of plasma cutting:

  • It is a faster method of cutting than gas
  • It can be used to cut thin steel
  • Produces less heat than gas cutting


Disadvantages of gas cutting:

  • It is a slow process.
  • More complex to learn than plasma cutting

Disadvantages of plasma cutting:

  • Cutting consumables are more expensive than gas cutting
  • It requires more specialized equipment

High-quality steel blanks, rings, and almost any steel shapes can be plasma cut up to 35mm thick using our latest computer-controlled high-definition plasma cutting machines. Whatever shape you require we can cut it from either a dimensional drawing, DXF, DWG, or NC1 file.

If the requirement is for thicker steel profiles, our ESAB 4-head oxy-propane machine can cut up to 180mm thick steel plate.

Call our specialist steel processing team on 01422 833993 for further information.

Our Steel Profiling Machines


Gas profiling machines capable of cutting 25mm to 180mm thick plates. The maximum plate size the machines will cut is 4000mm x 2000mm. These machines can cut with either 1 or up to 4 cutting heads at the same time.


Plasma profile cutting machines with Bolt-Hole technology that can cut steel sheets and plates 1.5mm up to 20mm thick and a maximum plate size of 4000mm x 2000mm. These machines are both equipped with up to 15mm dot matrix marking head to make your parts easily identifiable if requested.


See our machines in action in the below short videos

Profiling Capabilities


Plasma Machine

For more details on our full range of services. Benefit from our expertise in metal profiling & engineering products, CNC profile cutting, and laser profile cutting to achieve the high-quality results your projects demand.

Call our specialist steel processing team on 01422 833993 for further information.

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