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Steel Sawing Services

Using the latest computer controlled saws, all of our steel stock can be cut to length whether batch quantities are required or just one offs.

With 6 precision saws we aim to provide accuracy and quality as well as a fast turnaround and prompt delivery.

Call our specialist steel processing team on 01422 833993 for further information.

Advanced Steel Cutting Saws

Discover our fleet of sophisticated saws, each bringing a unique strength to cater to your diverse steel cutting needs.


A fully programmable automatic saw capable of cutting different cut lengths and cut numbers from the same product. This machine can cut up to 400mm Dia and 400mm square, raft cut and pack cut. Product up to 10m long can be fed into the saw and cuts from 10mm up to 7000mm long can be achieved. We generally use this saw for larger diameter bar work.


With its extensive range of applications, the miter saw reliably covers all the requirements of Pulman's Steel with the ability to effortlessly cut steel in a variety of different styles and directions. Thanks to the Behringer cutting pressure control, it is up to twice as fast as conventional miter bandsaws allowing for rapid cuts and higher efficiency.


A fully programmable automatic carbide circular saw capable of cutting different cut numbers and cut lengths from the same product, particularly designed for very fast cutting of solid bar. This machine can cut from 50mm Dia up to 150mm Dia, and 70mm square up to 110mm square. Product up to 7.5m long can be fed into the saw and cuts 10mm up to 250mm long can be achieved. We generally use this machine for multiple cutting engineering bar.


A programmable circular saw with in-line deburring. This machine cuts thin walled tube from 10mm to 60mm diameter and square as well as 10mm to 30mm dia. solid bar. This machine can cut from 20mmm to 3000mm. Cut product can be be-burred up to 3000mm long. Multiple stock lengths of the same product either 6000mm or 7500mm long can be fed into the saw.

Steel Sawing Expertly Equipped For Your Needs

Each of our saws comes with unique capabilities, ensuring that every aspect of your project is executed with precision and expertise. From the robust Behringer 411 Bandsaw, ideal for larger diameter bar work, to the Rasacut 2001, perfect for thin-walled tubes and solid bars, our machinery is expertly equipped to meet your diverse needs.


See our machines in action in the below short videos

Sawing Services

Saw Cutting Steel

Contact Our Steel Sawing Specialists

Unlock the full potential of your projects with our bespoke sawing services. Reach out to our specialist steel processing team at 01422 833993 to discuss your needs and discover how our extensive range of cutting-edge saws and experienced specialists can bring your visions to life with unmatched precision and quality.

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