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Using the latest computer controlled saws, all of our steel stock can be cut to length whether batch quantities are required or just one off's.

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Comprehensive Stock Range

Comprehensive Stock Range

Our steel stockholding is comprehensive to enable fast turnaround on deliveries when required.



High quality steel blanks, rings and almost any steel shapes can be plasma cut up to 40mm thick and oxy-propane cut up to 180mm thick.



Using the latest computer controlled saws, all of our steel stock can be cut to length whether batch quantities are required or just one off's.



Using a vertical machining centre, we have the capability to offer a range of expert machining services including drilling, notching, tapping, counter sinking and more.



Our dedicated transport fleet ensures flexibility to deliver general steels, engineering steels, bright steels, plate, sheet, sectional steel, RHS, CHS and ERW tube when you need it.

latest news from pulmans

30th January 2016

Week four – Machines and steel on site

Last week was all about the Sales Team. This week is all about our amazing Works Team and the new machinery and stock they will be taking delivery of in the coming weeks.

‘Positivity’ is the word from the Works Team. That is the approach they have taken since the start of the New Year. Nothing has been too much trouble, hence why we are making such good progress.

Processing and disposing of the damaged stock is an on going task and will be for the next few weeks. Great news for the works, as our first load of new steel arrived this week, ready to be shipped out to customers.

With regard to the new machinery, the profile shop is now cleaned out and a new machine is already delivered ready to be installed.

As you can imagine we are very proud that after only four weeks we are in a position to be re-stocking and taking delivery of new machinery.

Just to involve the Sales Team a little. The flood clearance stock has nearly all gone, so things are a little quieter, which is allowing them to settle into their new office ready for organising the processing and delivery of our new stock of steel.

29th January 2016

Appeal for more support in wake of floods

Chancellor George Osborne has been widely criticised for not publicly supporting the 2,000 plus businesses that were affected by the Boxing Day floods. He has also been accused of jeopardising Britain’s crumbling flood defences over the past five years by prioritising cuts to the deficit. David Shoesmith, Managing Director of Pulman Steel, said: “I want to know what the Government is going to do about the rivers in this valley and the flood defences. He added: “It would be nice at some point if George Osbourne acknowledged what has happened to us.” In April 2015, Chancellor George Osborne visited Pulmans Steel in Sowerby Bridge to talk about his “long term economic plan for our country and for Yorkshire”. The Labour MP for Halifax, Holly Lynch has written to the Chancellor inviting him on a return visit to Pulman Steel to discuss how its situation has changed and what could be done to support it as a key player in our local economy. You can view Hollys speech here This is the first time it has been flooded in its 31 years at the site. Much of the company’s warehouse and office space was damaged as well as a number of wagons, machinery and 80 percent of its stock was written off. Chris Horner, finance director, said: “We are still open for business. We built our business on service and our sales team is trying to keep in touch with customers.” We await with great anticipation for a response from the government. We hope that the interest they have taken in the past will go a long way to assisting us and businesses of Calderdale in the future.

25th January 2016

Week 3 - Warm At Last

This week is all about the Sales Team. If you read last week’s mailer, you will have seen that we received five lovely portable cabins complete with a new fridge and microwave to house our office staff/sales teams.

Excitement, happiness, exhilaration are all words of the moment but the two key words are – computers and warmth!!

If you avoided looking at the exterior and could be teleported inside the cabins, you would never know you were not in the usual Pulman Steel offices.

In addition to this lovely news, we are also taking orders where lead times are reasonable including profiling and other processing for collection or delivery. So news is positive.

Our recent flood sales have nearly come to an end with most of our damaged stock gone, as you can imagine our customers have been really delighted to get a bargain. The remaining stock will be disposed of with the complex task to re-stock starting the first week in February.

So we don’t leave the works team out – discussions are taking place as to the type of machinery we are wanting with some new machinery already ordered that will make customer supplies better than ever.

Next week our update will be all about the works…

22nd January 2016

Lynch speech about impact of floods

Holly Lynch MP made a speech in parliament on Wednesday 20 January 2016 to highlight the impact the Boxing Day Floods have had on our region and in particular Halifax and the Calder Valley.

In the speech she thanks the government for the promise of £5.5m to rebuild Elland Bridge but highlights the fact that the actual cost of the floods is nearer £18.5m (including the £5.5m for Elland Bridge).

Please watch the speech – it is an interesting watch.

17th January 2016

Week 2 - A work in progress

This week has been interesting. The weather turned from wet to cold (thank goodness). Thursday and Friday featured a fluttering of snow, not ideal when you are in damp buildings.

As you can see from below Wednesday saw the arrival of five portable cabins which we will be working from in week three – a little warmer than where we have been working in week one and two.

The mood is positive among the team as although there is much to do you can now see a real improvement from day to day.

We hope you enjoy our weekly updates if you are not on our mailing list please email

Monday 11th January 2016
The priority was to make space for new machinery to be delivered. This involved dismantling the old machines that had been damaged. Now a beautiful space has appeared ready for the new kit.

Tuesday 12th January 2016
Our “flood sale” mailer was sent to all customers and our phone lines lit up! Discounted stock was being sold all day. A great success.! Do contact us if you want to know what stock we still have. In addition we were organising for the delivery of our portable cabins – or as we like to refer to them our luxury office block.

Wednesday 13th January 2016
They are here five beautiful portable cabins to call home to our sales team. Excitement is the word of the day.

Thursday 14th January 2016
Received a letter from Holly Lynch MP, outlining the speech she made in parliament describing the effect the floods have had on Yorkshire and Lancashire and how this is relevant to the Northern Powerhouse.

Friday 15th January 2016
We have had a week with steel being delivered everyday. Not quite as much as usual, but a start. So today was the day to feel pleased, look back and reflect on the progress we have made over the last two weeks.

Saturday and Sunday – A lie in and a lovely hot bath required!

That is until next week. Keep checking in.

8th January 2016

Interesting start to the year

It has been an interesting first week back at Pulman Steel.

The beginning of the week was dedicated to contacting customers to explain the situation and discuss both existing and future orders.The response we received was amazing, messages of goodwill and an assurance that as soon as we can deliver, our customers will be placing orders.

To brighten our spirits we received a great gift in the post from one of our customers… an all new Health and Safety Policy. Huge thanks to them as each and every one of the Pulmans’ team has had a chuckle as they walked past.

The rest of the week was dedicated to finding staff somewhere to work, which was not an easy task considering we needed to fit 17 people into a space that used to be home to 3! In addition we only had 3 computers online.

The team in the works spent the week assessing the flood damage to our stock and deciding what is suitable to discount and sell on, at a clearance sale we are planning. In addition the works requires a lot more cleaning ready for our new machinery to be delivered.

Tea and biscuits have been consumed in large quantities and we have realised that the age-old adage that a cup of tea solves everything is true. We have ended the week feeling positive and raring to start next week.

2nd January 2016

A huge thank you from David Shoesmith – MD of Pulman Steel

Overwhelmed is not the word for how we feel at Pulman Steel at the moment, the generosity of people is staggering. So we would like to say a massive THANK YOU to the following:

The disaster recovery team Prism Fire and Flood who have and are still doing a fantastic job. Tesco’s of Sowerby Bridge, the two Jo’s have been down to see us with drinks, sandwiches, pasty’s every day since Boxing Day and when we went to the store for anything we were greeted with a smile and more food etc with their compliments. Thank you Tesco’s we know where we are going to do our weekly shop in future. Kuehne & Nagel Drinks Logistics for the cans and bottles of drinks to keep our troops going and also the gloves that we desperately needed to keep our troops safe. Mark Parker and family for the chilli and rice which went down a treat on a cold Monday lunch time.

The following Company’s who have or are still on with helping to get us up and running next week. Sue and Prime Creative, Colin and his team at Stoneywood Motors, Esprit, ADS, J-Lec, Toltec, The Works, the friendly roadsweeper, Calder Valley Skips who have delivered skip after skip daily for us, to all of you THANK YOU.

Although we still have a long way to go we could not have achieved as much as we have since Boxing Day without the help of our own employees who have given up their Christmas break to start to get us back up and running and the fantastic helpers who they brought with them, so thank you to all Abram Pulman staff and Isobel, Dave, Holly, Elaine, Darren, Joanne, Ed, Tom, Ann, Sue, Colin, Ann, Lizzie, JoJo, Janice, Richard, Neil, Sue and also our customers Richard Bateman of G Bateman Fabrications and Steve Holland of After Accident Care, your help was greatly appreciated.

And to the community of Sowerby Bridge who called to help out and whose names we don’t have – Thank you all.

On behalf of the team here at Pulman Steel – Thank You once again and may you have a Happy 2016….